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When used consciously, sound can affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Different frequencies and vibrations can affect us on a cellular level, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and facilitating overall healing.

Let's explore how it works:


Sound healing consciously uses the principle of resonance, which says, “A strong vibration causes a weaker vibration to vibrate at the same frequency as the stronger vibration.”

By using the pure tones of instruments such as the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls we can tap and activate the natural ability of the body to self-heal and support reharmonise and realign the body’s subtle and physical body to a state of wellbeing and peace.


The sounds introduced in sound healing sessions or sound baths are an invitation into a deeper state of consciousness and can induce a state of deep rest and relaxation.

Research has shown that when we begin to enter into this deep state of consciousness, it begins to calm down our sympathetic nervous system (stress response) and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and relax) which has profound benefits such as reducing the body’s heart and breathing rate, blood pressure and muscle tension.


When you immerse yourself in a sound bath, sound frequencies can influence brainwave patterns, inviting your brain waves to slow, shifting from a more active state to a more relaxed state, or even a dreamlike state called Theta state. Physiologically, sound is an effective tool to support and regulate your brain waves for better health, emotion regulation and performance.

Due to the neuroplasticity nature of our brain, it has the ability to change, organise and regrow neural networks based on experience. Sound therapy is an effective method to “re-train” our brainwaves.


Sound can help balance the body's energy centres, known as Chakras. Chakras are energy centres in our body, and each one corresponds to organs, emotions, and metaphysical parts of us.

When we experience sound, it not only begins to interact with our physical body but also simultaneously with our subtle (energetic) body. Sound can stimulate the flow in Meridians and Chakras bringing them into a state of harmony and balance.


Sound can also help release blockages and stagnant energy in the body caused by negative thoughts and accumulated negative habits.

Sound healing acts like a physical and energetic deep tissue massage. As sound vibrations entrain and interact with our body, they support the release of blockages, promoting the free flow of energy throughout our systems. This process helps restore our body to a state of balance and harmony.


Interested in learning more about the Esoteric, Mystical and Spiritual aspect of Sound?

Do you feel called to learn the sacred art of sound healing?

Join us for our next Level 1 training, for more details please check the link below:

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