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Yantara has over 20 years of experiences in Sound Medicine and Quantum Healing, 18 years of which active in consultations over 4000 sessions and reaching out to more than 100,000 people around the world, and leading sacred tours since 2008. He has dedicated his life to self-development in consciousness and Sound Medicine.

His credentials include HBX/Harvard Business School on Certificate in Entrepreneurship Essentials, certified in Live Blood Analysis and Quantum Hematology, Nutritional Microscopy By Quest4Health Academy, Nu Life Sciences.

Yantara is considered a pioneer in Asia in spreading an Art of using “The Light Language”, a Quantum approach where it translates supreme consciousness into vocal sounds that promotes the art of healing. In 2012, Winter Solstice, he was one of the panel speakers along with International Speaker Gregg Braden and esteemed colleagues at the Maya Conference, “Transform at the Source” with a gathering of several hundred people. Yantara is a visionary, inspirational leader, singer and explorer of Sound and Consciousness. 

Yantara inspires to spread the message of love and harmony through music and the power of sound; creating platforms for people to step into their powers by expressing their inner voice. He frequently organises international sacred tours to vortexes such as Japan, Mt. Shasta, Egypt, Bosnia, U.K and many more.


The Lesser You Do, The More You Be, The Greater You Become

Hermes through Yantara Jiro

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