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Sessions with Yantara

Private Session Offerings

Masterin Your Blueprint

Experience an intimate private session with Yantara Jiro to help to master your unique blueprint to bring about the alignment and transformation you seek. All of us need to be connected to what we call 'Source Energy' in order to function and feel connected with our life's purpose. When we are not fully in our flow in life this can cause a feeling of disconnection with life around us. 

Depending on your intentions (which could be related to your relationship, career path, health, business, life path, spiritual path or anything specific you wish to work on), Yantara will specifically tailor your session using the most effective tools for your personal empowerment and growth. These could include coaching methods to support mental and emotional shifts to gain clarity and re-wiring of perspectives. Channelling or sound may be used in order to support the release mental and emotional blockages. 


What is your Blueprint?

A Blueprint will provide insights into your existence that would not otherwise be found. Its construction is very personal and unique to you. It supports reaching your potential and the guidance relates to this point in time; it may be helpful to update it at regular intervals as you make progress on your path of achieving your potential in line with your Soul’s purpose.

Your Blueprint contains inputs from a number of sources channelled by Yantara Jiro directly from Source Energy, and your Divine Masters and Spirit Guides to give direction and assistance in your journey.


Your session may include (based on individuals needs and intentions):

  • Healing on vital energy body promoting well-being and alignment

  • Messages and personalised light language activations

  • Powerful coaching to help break free from self-limiting beliefs and fears

  • Reconnecting with your soul to receive guidance 

  • Support in finding your soul's purpose  

  • Chakra and energy clearing 

This session is suitable for people who have questions or are in need of guidance on - their direction in life, career, relationships, health (well-being) and spiritual growth; Finding a sense of purpose, healing and unity with Self and Oneness. 


Light Language is a series of harmonic sounds that mimics the waveforms of light. When spoken from the heart, the “keys” or harmonic tones vibrate as sound waves, are capable of affecting the energy blueprints of the body such as the nervous systems, bio-terrain and various aspects of energy bodies producing profound effects of healing and entering higher states of consciousness. When spoken fast enough, ‘light’ manifests within our inner mind’s eye, hence the term, ‘Light Language’. However, its functions and potentials extend way beyond the term.


Light language acts as a catalyst to heighten consciousness, which then illuminates the mind to an octave of vibration sufficient for a person to become aware of an expanded consciousness beyond its confined mind. Light Language is expressed in two-folds, one from the perspective of the human plane rising up to the higher, while the other is from the True-Nature of our being, ‘True-Stillness’ and state of ‘Emptiness’ penetrating the lower planes.


In what way can Light Language be expressed?

Light Language can be expressed through the voice in the form of speaking, chanting, singing, toning; In drawing as an Art form through painting or writing; Through intent and sight but not limited to the above.


However we must not comprehend and engage the Light Language the same way we study and understand our human linguistic formats, for if we do, we will simply limit our understandings and potentials of its capabilities to what it can do to our consciousness.

Are there authentic and fake light languages?


There are endless possibilities toward how One may come across or experience Light Languages. One could chance upon it through a social media platform or as an individual attempting themselves to speak by mimicking another person’s Light Language, or it could happen spontaneously during a spiritual occurrence.


Often, Light Languages when spoken in the initial stage is considered ‘gibberish’, since its attempt is to transcend the logical linguistic temporal lobes by disengaging the sounds and syllables familiar to the individual’s languages. The following stage may be an outpouring of ‘old tapes’ from stuck emotions, traumas, or negative thoughts, we call this ‘verbal diarrhoea’.


Only when the individual’s consciousness begins to transcend higher, penetrating beyond the physical plane of perceptions may then allow some form of authentic Light Languages to be expressed.

Light Languages do not follow rigid laws of harmonics or the need to produce musical tones. It however only follows the heart and mind of the person who is expressing the sounds. This gives the person who is speaking or singing the ‘language of vibrations’ an opportunity or reason to connect more deeply with their emotions and thoughts. Though this is an elementary way of expressing Light Language and strictly speaking in no way near the refined powerful applications of Light Language, it is still transformative to the aspirant in exploring their Inner-Self.


Does Light Language complement other forms of quantum integrative techniques like Reiki, BodyTalk, Quantum Healing etc.?  


Light Language is a very unique and powerful technique that transcends and unifies duality. It is an Art that translates vibration into audible frequencies that can cause rapid shifts in One's consciousness and various aspects of life. In Yantara Jiro's experiences, Light Language is extremely complimentary to all other forms of healing modalities and can be without side-effects work hand-in-hand as an integrated holistic system.


Yantara Jiro & Light Language


Yantara utilises the Light Language solely for the purposes of raising consciousness, quantum healing,  bio-transformational work through quantum entanglement. These are often regarded as activation work, downloads or uploading of quantum signals through the environment and intentions.


Recipients often experience tingling electrical sensations, a fluctuation of temperature on their body, a shift in consciousness entering into a higher state of coherence or transformational occurrences in various levels of their being - physical-emotional-mental-spiritual.

Price: 1 hour - £550
Quantum Activation

Yantara Jiro's Quantum Activation sessions are focused upon your personal growth at all levels.  Depending on your intentions and questions, Yantara will specifically tailor your session to you using the most effective and effortless way to achieve personal empowerment. He has offered more than 4000 sessions around the world to support individual transformations and connections with their own Source of Power.

Yantara works with the Quantum Field, a matrix of infinite potentials and possibilities; everything is connected to everything. 

The Quantum Activation session is suitable for people who feel called to and ready for rapid consciousness transformation. In this session deep expansion and accelerated upgrades will take place on your Lightbody for spiritual growth and connection with supreme consciousness of the Universe.

The acoustic transmissions, through Yantara’s voice, serve as a channeling vessel where energetic codings are specifically spoken and transmitted in the form of Light Language. It communicates, interacts, triggers change and inputs new information into various levels of your body.

For over 15 years, Yantara has supported thousands of individuals to receive such energetic codings and countless have experienced personal acceleration and positive growth in all levels of their lives. Receivers of these sessions continue to give us feedback, which include ongoing heightened insights, expansion of consciousness, and greater flow of joy and love in their life.

The activation process is direct, playful, uplifting and inspiring!


The Flow of Your Sound Activation Session:

1) The entire session is guided by your pre-informed intentions followed by direct guidance from Source Energy and your Divine Masters and Spirit Guides.

2) Your activation session will take place in person and lying down in a comfortable position. We also encourage you to be motivated and excited, open-minded and open-hearted, ready to allow and to receive, to encourage all the benefits from the envisioned intentions to emerge from your heart.

3) Yantara will access the Quantum Pyramidal Energy to find and bring forth the necessary frequencies for Light Codes, downloading them into your vital Blueprint. Usually in these sessions the receiver is gifted blessings, empowerments and messages from Spiritual Masters and Holy Saints.

4) Light Language will be channeled in the form of Light Codes, rapid verbal tones. Any messages and insights received will be shared and translated by Yantara during and after the session. Depending on the needs of your emotional body, mental body and other energy bodies, you will also benefit from the Light Language transmission. For more information about Light Language please see below.

5) During the session, you will be guided to deeply journey into your own Quantum state of consciousness where Infinite Intelligence permeates the fabric of space and time, and into the grounded being of your physical existence.

6) After your session is complete you will receive the recorded personalised sonic prescription of transmitted sounds and activations from the session. You are encouraged to listen to this ‘Sonic Prescription’ to further reinforce and strengthen the work that has taken place. This will perpetuate the momentum and integration of the work, many clients have reported that even months after their session they continue to regularly receive insights and profound changes.

Set your intention and get ready to experience shift and change!

Price: 1 hour - £920

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