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Quantum Medicine

Arcturus Quantum Healing® (AQH)

Level 1 - Arcturus Symbol Rainbow Light Healing™
August-September Dates Coming Soon 2024
Online Training

Yantara Jiro Arcturus Quantum Energy Healing 3.jpg
Yantara Jiro Arcturus Quantum Energy Healing 3.jpg

Unlock the secrets of quantum healing using technologies from Star Arcturus! This healing system was transmitted by the Arcturians to Yantara Jiro in 2004 and has continued to inspire others to access this technique over the decades.


In our modules, Yantara will personally guide you through the process of working on your vital (etheric) body for well-being. The Arcturus Heart Mandala symbol acts as a key to gain access to high-dimensional frequencies that originate from Star Arcturus, aligning you with accelerated well-being and upliftment. 


This training focuses on the effects of prana (Life-force), clearing, cleansing and accelerating healing through the principles of chakras-organs correspondence. Students will learn how to apply check-in, an effective way to retrieve information from the quantum field relating to the receiver.

Practice will include hands-on and hands-off quantum techniques. In Level One, students  will focus on developing visualisation skills, sensing subtle energies, symbol drawing and modification, chakra work and more. These techniques do not require connecting with the Arcturian Healing Team (AHT). Modules include lectures on chakras and how they affect the vital (etheric) body will be explored and students will have practical opportunities to further their skills in exercises provided.


The Arcturus Heart Mandala Healing symbol used in the course acts as keys to frequencies associated with well-being and upliftment. Students will receive sacred Arcturus attunements through light language transmissions, students will gain the empowerment required to activate the healing symbol for practice.

Moreover, students will learn the principles of quantum mechanics, paving the way for a new level of interpretation in energy healing and expanding your mind. In addition, students will also receive transmission attunement and empowerment on the Arcturian Rainbow Light Healing Technique. This is especially beneficial for nourishing the chakras and the energy bodies such as the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lightbodies.

Yantara Jiro Arcturus Quantum Energy Healing 2.jpg

Course Outline

Quantum Principles are the underlying basis that greatly expands the mind into a new state of understanding on energy healing. Yet having equipped with only knowledge, an aspirant who has not received initiation or attunement specifically will find themself having little to no access to spiritual healing powers, let alone the ability and capability to inspire healing that has a long-lasting effect. It is important to note that the spiritual cultivation level of each individual does correspond to the outcome and quality of energy healing.

As such, in Level One, students will focus on learning about the basics of energy healing, the dos and don'ts. AQH01 will NOT include connecting with the Arcturians Healing Team (AHT), and this sacred attunement-transmission will only be provided in AQH02 - which there are prerequisites before application can be accepted.


What You Will Learn in AQH01:

  • The Arcturians 

  • Heart-Brain Coherence Practise for insights, inspirations and enhanced intuitions

  • The Vital Body & its functionality

  • Chakra Medicine and its corresponding organs

  • Meditation for building & strengthening Lightbody

  • Arcturian Healing Symbol Sacred Attunement

  • Arcturus Healing Symbol Training and Exercises

  • Practical Step-by-Step Hands-On Exercises

  • Practical Non-Local (Quantum) Healing Techniques

  • Ascension Technique: Arcturus Vortex Heart Mandala for empowering the Heart Chakra

  • Effective chakra cleansing and energising demonstration

  • Bonus Rainbow Light Healing Technique for cellular nourishment 

  • Ethics & Professionalism and many more

Paula Arcturus Image_edited.jpg
Yantara Jiro Arcturus Quantum Energy Healing 1.jpg
Yantara Jiro Arcturus Quantum Energy Healing 1.jpg


Preliminary Mind-Disciplinary Meditation Training


There are several skills the student is required to develop and acquire in-order to progress in this healing course. The Art of Visualisation, focus strength and duration, memory, Qi (vital energy) and perseverance. Without mind-disciplinary skills, any successful training outcome is not achievable.

The preliminary meditation course is an essential prerequisite for students of all levels, whether you are just starting out or have an established and regular meditation practice. This ensures that every student is well prepared for the training.


To enhance your learning experience, there will be a temporary community space for the duration of the training to facilitate peer support among our students. For three weeks, students are expected to submit daily meditation reports to the online community challenge. Each exercise is designed to train the skills mentioned above. Indirectly, the student is polishing their 3rd Eye Chakra which will develop the inner mind’s eye clarity, visualisation details, deeper understanding of the Self and relationship with the world and The Universe.

Here, you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of interactions, including posing questions to Yantara Jiro, connecting with fellow participants, and even discovering practice partners. This collaborative space is designed to foster a sense of community and aid your progress in the course. Yantara Jiro will go through each students’ postings but will only comment selectively. Whether you receive any comments or not, please do not worry and persevere on your daily postings. If there are any improvements or corrections needed in your meditation approach, Yantara will comment on your post.

Details of the training and instructions will be presented in your modules.

Yantara Jiro Arcturus Quantum Energy Healing 2.jpg

At the end of this course, students will have acquired empowering knowledge on what the vital body is and how to use energy healing techniques to support receivers to reduce stress that contributes to more than 90% of chronic illnesses, generate greater flow of energy well-being, provide vital force healing on chakras that corresponds to vital organs and endocrine glands, and provide non-local (remote) healing.

Students will have gained personal practices and tools to further develop their own chakras and to increase personal vital-force on a daily basis. Students will have knowledge and ability to access universal life-force through using sacred healing symbol and to utilise visualisation exercises for further development, clearing and strengthening of own energy bodies – generating greater love and acceptance, increasing better relationships with self and others, increasing gaining of insights and realisations, relieving of personal stress, worries and mental fogginess.

Through diligent practice, students will be equipped with proven results, better confidence and ability to access higher states of consciousness that will be necessary for advancing course levels.

Yantara Jiro Arcturus Quantum Energy Healing.jpg

Training Timeline (100% Online)


Week 1 - Week 3

21 Days Foundational Training

19 February - 10 March 2024 - Preliminary meditation course (Prerequisite)


Week 4 - Week 6

21 Days Course Training

11 - 31 March 2024 - Arcturus Quantum Healing® Course

Registration CLOSED

Opening 5 November 2023 till 10 February 2024
Price: $1200 USD

*Special $440 USD per month / 3 months instalment 
(Available until 31st Dec 2023, 23:59 UTC+8)

*Offer may not be available in other countries where the course is conducted in a different language.

Courses Accredited by CMA - London Complimentary Medical Association.

A minimum 80% and above passing marks is required for Level 1 exam (Multiple-Choice Questions) & written, for advancement to Arcturus Quantum Healing® Course Level 2 by Yantara Jiro.

*Please click here our Cancellation Policy Terms: United Kingdom, Singapore.

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