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Welcome! I am Mayra. I am a sensitive, intuitive, channel, sound healing teacher, Quantum Energy Healer and Flower & Vibrational Essences Practitioner.

My healing journey, tending to my own inner and outer remembrance and disconnection, began very early on, and I have always been captivated by the indescribable and radiant mystery at the heart of life and the universe.

My early childhood experiences attuned me to the spirit of healing and seek inner stillness, inspiring my path forward towards remembrance and reconnection through studying philosophy, art making, meditation and sound.

As I got older I started to shut everything off to help me manage the intensities I felt, and after experiencing trauma I began living in patterns of disconnection and disassociation from my body and my emotions. Silence, books and creating art became avenues and spaces where I could safely lose myself.


It wasn’t until much later, and after a huge awakening that cracked me open on every level, that I started on a journey to re-discover who I was. It was a beautiful teacher and soul friend who I met on this journey that helped me to understand that I was an empath and a starseed, why I felt the world, the emotions and thoughts of others as if they were my own, and why I had such deep longing to go back home to the stars.


I have undergone my own metamorphosis through profound experiences along my journey, and in my yearning to find my soul purpose I began creating spaces where people would find connection with themselves and the natural world through art. I wanted to find ways in which we could connect and communicate without words with everything around us, crystals, rocks, trees, plants through deep listening with our body and senses.


My teaching philosophy and style is inspired by the innate intelligence and power to self-heal that lives inherently in all of us. I bring together the wisdom of the Natural world, tapestry of life and the celestial realms through sound, voice, presence and silence to support you in reconnecting to the divinity that you already have, so you can express your unique soul potential. It is both an honour and joy to meet you at the unwinding path of the Heart, a path of awakening and profound stillness.

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