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Sessions with Mayra

Private Session Offerings

Starlight Energy Healing

Our one-to-one sessions are a space for attuning to your body and soul, and help you to activate your body’s natural ability to heal.


I see you, beautiful heart, you came here to remember


I will help you to reconnect with that depth inside of you which knows how to be whole, you will be lovingly held in a deeply immersive and nurturing space to support you fully surrender into the healing experience. I will channel an energy transmission for you with the support of the crystalline frequencies of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, Breath, channelled Light Language by my voice and hands, and vibrational essences of flowers and gemstones.


Energy healing will assist in improving the flow of Chi or vitality throughout the body, release energetic blockages and emotional conditioning to help you return to emotional balance. I will reflect various aspects and elements coded in your essence and Soul’s blueprint to help you activate the quantum orbs of remembrance of who you are.


I draw on a range of holistic modalities that are tailored to your specific needs. These include Divine Energy Healing, Sound, Arcturian Quantum Energy Healing and Flower Essences.


What happens in a session?


The session will begin with a therapeutic consultation to attune to anything you may be experiencing and create an intention to what you are called to create through the session.


I will then guide you into a nurturing space with scents, breathwork and guided meditation. 


Custom flower or crystal essence blends may be formulated to support your inner healing work after the session.

Price: 1.5 hours - £120

Starlight Sound Healing

Travel through the crystalline realms to access your own inner wisdom


This one to one sound healing session invites you to embark upon an immersive and sonic journey through the crystalline and transformative sounds of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, chimes and channelled Light Language.


You will be lovingly held in a gentle and sacred space to guide you to surrender into stillness and support the release of blockages and stagnant energy stored in your physical, emotional and energy bodies.


Ancient, Starlight Soul, Remember who you are and what you are here to bring


Each session begins with a short consultation and intention setting to discuss anything you may be experiencing or would like to bring support to. 


You will be guided into a comfortable space with a grounding meditation and conscious breathwork. I will then attune to your energy field and invite healing energy to support the release of stagnant energy and support embodied change.


During a sound healing session, you may experience physical sensations, insights, inspiration and moments of clarity. Some people may receive messages from guides or ancestors in the form of symbols, colours, sounds or emotions.


I may receive insights through inner visions of essences, spaces, sounds and feelings, these will be translated into personal guidance for you.


What are the benefits of sound healings?


Sound healing helps to:

  • Calm anxiety

  • Promotes deep rest & relaxation

  • Process and release stuck emotions

  • Clarity & Insights

  • Deeper connection with yourself, your dreams, creativity and intuition

  • Remembrance of your soul purpose

  • Release and clear self-limiting patterns of thoughts, behaviours and habits that no longer serve you.


If you have any questions or would like to have a 15 minute call please get in touch and connect through.


Home visits and private sound healing and ceremonies for small groups are available upon request.

Price: 1.5 hours - £120
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