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Updated: May 23

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centres, gates, or transformers that are located within our etheric body, that is also known as vital body. Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning “wheel” or “disk” and is derived from the root word “cakra”. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy/light that connect our physical body and vital bodies. Like antennas, they pick up or sense a complete range of energies, feelings, etc. It is where consciousness simultaneously collapses onto.

What are their function?

Chakras have the loving responsibility of absorbing, transforming and distributing the energy entering them through the different parts of our bodies. It is an intermediary for energy transfer and transformation between mind, body, spirit, the physical with the spiritual. They play an integral role in balancing the four forms of life energies: physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy and spiritual energy.

The vital body’s two primary functions are to absorb vital force and distribute it to the entire physical body, and to serve as a bridge or intermediary between the physical body and energy bodies. The absorption and distribution of these energies will be affected by how healthy and balanced our Chakras are. It is important to learn how Chakras work and how to balance them to help maintain the well-being of them and promote a healthy flow of these energies (vital-force) to keep a healthy physical body.

There are seven main Chakras that correspond to specific organs in our bodies and many more throughout and outside of our body, each Chakra has its own colour and unique role in maintaining the vitality within our body, mind and spirit. Nadis are the network, energy channels or pathways where vital energy, or Prana, moves. When the Nadis meet at different points in the body they form energy or distribution centres called Chakras and minor Chakras. In fact, we have 7 major Chakras, 21 minor Chakras and 86 micro Chakras in the human body.

For those that struggle to understand or visualise Chakras, you can start to imagine them as etheric vital organs and the Nadis (energy channels) as veins and arteries where the energy (blood) distributes all of our energies around the different organs (Chakras). Our personal energetic field extends outwards in layers and can extend up to eight metres beyond the surface of the physical body. You can also visualise them as a flower that opens when in harmony and balance, and closes when blocked or stagnant.

How can I tell if my chakras are balanced?

When our Chakras are strong and in harmony, you will have abundant energy flowing through and available to draw your strength from. When the Chakras are blocked or underactive the amount of energy that one has available is limited. Chakras can also get overly active which is not ideal, the aim is to find a harmonious balance. While Chakras work interdependently from one another, they are however still connected, and you can experience a blockage of one or more Chakras at a time. There are many signs that will indicate when Chakras are out of balance, some of them are: - Sleep problems - Anxiety - Anger - Lacking motivation - Closing yourself to others and to the world For example, when the body is free of emotional stagnation, when we feel, understand and express our feelings with clarity and non-attachment we become present and clear.

What is Energy Healing?

Everything in the Universe is energy, we are energy. The screen from which you are reading this text right now is made up of trillions of subatomic particles which are composed of electrons and protons that are continuously in motion creating an image of the world that you can see and relate to. We need to recognise that we are quantum in nature and that we are more than the physical forms we were born and identify ourselves with. This recognition opens us up to infinite possibilities and potentials, embracing both form and formless, as well as integrating and unifying all states of being. In Energy Healing such as the Arcturian Quantum Energy Healing or Reiki, the practitioner connects with the person’s consciousness and their energy field. Through the connection or source and channelling of healing energies and/or symbols or Light Language during the session, the practitioner will use Life Force Energy to help clear stagnant and stuck energies to bring balance and harmony. Quantum Healing refers to Energy Healing whether by touch (hands-on) or from a distance (hands-off), it is based on the laws of Quantum Physics. It is non-local, meaning that it doesn’t require a specific medium to transmit information over, it is instantaneous.

How to learn more?

Our Master teacher, artist and Sound Healer Yantara Jiro was introduced to his Arcturian Healing Team 10 years ago and after many years of learning and testing the healing symbols given to him he has now shared his connection with more than a thousand people. The Arcturians are higher dimensional beings that specialise in healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies using light technology, vortexes and Light Language symbols that you can use on yourself and others.

In our Arcturian Quantum Energy Healing Level 1 Training you will learn the fundamental knowledge on Chakras, how to effectively cleanse and energise Chakras and learn how the different Arcturian symbols and holistic energy healing techniques with Yantara Jiro. Before meeting your Arcturian team in Level 2, it is important to familiarise yourself with the healing symbols of the Arcturians. The attunement process which each student will receive in Level 1 will open your own energy channels to develop a stronger and deeper connection with the frequencies of Star Arcturus and support in bringing your consciousness in tune with the unified field of consciousness for spiritual and physical well-being. This process will tune your body’s frequency and energy field to the same frequency of universal energy source and Arcturian energy, opening up the Chakras from your crown Chakra to your heart Chakra as well as the chakra located on your palms to heal one-self and others. The Arcturian Healing Symbols will ignite your own healing process and help you understand what blockages and stagnant energies are, how it can manifest in your or another’s body, and how to effectively clear them within the vital body. They are also non-local and quantum in nature, therefore when activated the healing techniques will bridge our subtle senses with the information all around us.

If you would like to learn about our next Arcturian Quantum Energy Healing Training please click here to read more.

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