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Quantum Medicine
Quantum Healing® (AQH)

Level 1 - Arcturus Symbol Rainbow Light Healing


AQH-01 is a fully online course that focuses on the effects of prana (Life-force), the vital force and its functions with our organs. This course enhances the Quantum healing application on teaching hands-on techniques using sacred transformative symbols of the Arcturians by Yantara without necessarily connecting with your Arcturian Healing Team (AHT). In-depth discussions on the chakras and how it affects the vital body will be explored and students will have lots of practical opportunities to further their skills.

Yantara will demonstrate on how to effectively clear stagnant and stuck energies within the vital body for greater energy flow. Students will get to practice with a partner and work on the chakras intimately. 
The healing symbols are energy keys that utilises Star Arcturus frequency aligned to well-being and upliftment. This is achieved through attunements and empowerment.

  • On-demand video modules for continued access

  • A PDF Training manual

  • Attunement to Arcturian healing symbols

  • Access to our online community for further interaction and support with Yantara Jiro

  • Online multiple choice exam

By the end of this course, students will have acquired empowering knowledge on what vital body is and how in using energy healing techniques to support receivers to reduce stress that contributes to more than 90% of chronic illnesses, generate greater flow of energy well-being, provide vital force healing on chakras that corresponds to vital organs and endocrine glands, and provide non-local (remote) healing.

Students will have gained personal practices and tools to further develop their own chakras and to increase personal vital-force on a daily basis. Students will have knowledge and ability to access universal life-force through sacred healing symbols and to utilise visualisation exercises for further development, clearing and strengthening of own energy bodies – generating greater love and acceptance, increasing better relationships with self and others, increasing gaining of insights and realisations, relieving of personal stress, worries and mental fogginess.

Through continuous right and diligent practices, students will be equipped with proven results, better confidence and ability to access higher states of creative consciousness that will be necessary for advancing course levels.

  • Quantum Consciousness Coherence with Source for insights, inspirations and enhanced intuitions

  • The Vital Body & its function

  • Chakra Medicine and its corresponding organs

  • Meditation for building & strengthening Lightbody

  • Practical Hands-On Exercises

  • Power of Heart Coherence – Harmonious connection between 2 people

  • Arcturian Healing Symbols for quick access to accelerated healing

  • Non-Local (Quantum) Healing Techniques

  • Arcturian Vortex Heart Meditation for strengthening and empowering the Heart Chakra

  • Rainbow Light Healing Technique for cellular nourishment and many more

  • Attunement to Arcturian healing symbols to access subtle healing energies, hands-on and off techniques in healing sessions, understanding and approach in karmic clearing and balance, light body activations and chakra empowerments, expansion of consciousness and many more.


Yantara Jiro has two decades of experiences in Sound Healing and Quantum Healing, had given over thousands of consultation sessions internationally. He is well-verse in many fields such as Multimedia Integrative Arts, Quantum Healing and Integrative Healthcare, certified and graduate in Live Blood Analysis and Quantum Hematology, Nutritional Microscopy By Quest4Health Academy, Nu Life Sciences (2017).

He is the co-founder of Sound Universe International, Singapore that distributes world-class sound healing instruments such as the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls from Crystal Tones® in over 4 Countries.


It is a course series that teaches the concept and techniques of subtle energy healing through the fundamentals of Quantum Physics and Consciousness. 
The course seeks to provide the student a platform to study subtle frequencies and explore energy bodies through connecting with Star Consciousness specifically from Star Arcturus. Through the medium of meditation, mantras, visualisation, healing techniques and consciousness development, the participant is able to tap into the space of infinite potentials and possibilities and turn on the flow of healing energies into the energy body.
Arcturian Quantum Healer course opens the mind and heart of the healer to confidently approach and utilise subtle energies while staying connected with their Arcturian Healing Team (from level 2) to achieve well-being of the physical body and energy bodies such as Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Vital bodies.
Arcturian Quantum Healer also serves as a feedback program with the Universe thus supporting the recipient into fine-tuning their mental and emotional states to achieve greater alignment and grounded-ness in well-being.

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