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Friday 22nd December 2023 - Thursday 11th January 2024
AUDIO PREMIERE Friday 22nd December
1.00AM (UK TIME) / 9.00AM (SINGAPORE TIME) / 5.00PM (PACIFIC TIME on 21st December)

Duration: 43 Minutes Sound Transmission
[SGD68 (approximately £40) per ticket]

A cosmic soul journey is calling!


Another powerful transformative year is coming to an end! This Winter Solstice invites us into the sacred Celestial White Lotus Temple where our physical body, organs and cells receive cleansing, healing and nourishment.


Surrounding the White Lotus Temple is bloomed with fragrant ethereal flowers. Soothing sounds of cosmic tunes echo across the entire complex.


Close your eyes, let the celestial transmissions be your guide, gently ushering you into the sacred expanse of the White Lotus Temple. Within its luminous chambers, you will traverse beautiful spaces, each manifested into FORM from the virtuous qualities of celestial beings.


All celestial beings that are inside this temple are always calm, relaxed, and exude only virtuous thoughts. 


This transmission contains light codings that will recalibrate and gather your energies that are dispersed back into the central core of your being.


In the embrace of this celestial energy, envision a gradual immersion into liquid light, where you cocoon in complete stillness and wholeness, akin to the rebirth of a newborn.

As the Solar Sun embarks its ascent from the depths of the longest night, so too can we emerge from the limitations challenging our paths. Perhaps the year has brought challenges in various aspects of your life, it is a good time to let them go now...


Let the returning light symbolise hope, a beacon guiding us through into the Light.

The winter solstice teaches us the beauty of balance. Just as the seasons change, so too do the seasons of our lives. Embracing the ebb and flow, we learn to navigate the cycles with grace and appreciation.


After you have gained access to the transmission, I have provided further guidance on how best to maximise this meditation.


I know you will travel deep into this meditation and I look forward to your beautiful journeys!



Yantara Jiro

- The video is strictly accessible until 11th January 2024, 11:59pm (Singapore time) / 11th January 3.59pm (UK Time).

Check your time HERE

- Kindly note that an extension of this deadline will not be available.

- Ticket sales will end on 10th January 2024, 11.00pm (Singapore Time), 3.00pm (UK Time)

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