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Arcturian Quantum Energy Healing

Level 2 Training




Two Day Course Online



Day 1 (Online): New Dates tbc

Day 2 (Online): New Dates tbc

Course pricing: 

​Standard price: £820

*Depending on flow and progress the course may end earlier.

Course Description:  AQH02-AUP is a two-day course to connect with your quantum healing team, an approach that connects with Universal Collective Consciousness of the Stars for the purpose of well-being on all levels. Students get to experience working with their energy healing team and a plethora of quantum tools to bring home for personal transformations and for your healing work.

Students in this course will learn how to simultaneously utilise multiple energy healing tools such as intentions, visualisations, sacred healing symbols, co-creation with their Quantum Healing Team from Star Arcturus for quantum leap transformations and healing. Students will practice on healing from the quantum field or known as higher consciousness to support receivers to activate their own healing powers and provide spiritual empowerments.

We will explore in-depth further on the subject of quantum healing, consciousness development and meditation so we can improve and more effectively achieve better results in energy healing.

Light Language activations will be used to support your energy bodies upgrades, downloading of light information for your cells and vital blue-print and a special Soul Travel Meditation to Star Arcturus visiting the Light City to receive messages, reconnection with star family.

This course is for anyone who seeks to connect deeper with their body for healing and transformation, whether for self or for others.

A requirement for AQH02 is to bring along a Quartz crystal for the in-person day. Please see photos below for reference and make sure your crystal is:

  • Clear quartz (no mixes with other gemstones)

  • Natural cut, not a sphere

  • Double terminator fine

  • Size should be able to hold in the palm comfortably, approx 6-8cm or bigger.

Cluster Crystal
Cluster Crystal

*Please note*
Students must have completed the Arcturian level 1 AQH01-ASRLH course in order to attend level 2 AQH02-AUP course.

A Certification of Completion by Yantara Jiro will be provided to those who pass the exam with minimum 80% and above (Multiple-Choice Questions). For Advancing to next level AQH03.

Cancellation Policy: please see our terms here.

  • Understanding Energy Healing & Introduction of Arcturians

  • Opening & Upgrading your Heart Matrix

  • Establishing contact with your personal Arcturians Energy Healing Team

  • Raising Light Quotient & Building Light Quotient

  • Releasing Blockages & Deep Cellular Cleansing

  • Arcturian Energy Detox Program

  • Attunement of the Arcturus Heart Mandala Energy Symbol

  • Detailed coaching step-by-step hands-on healing technique with the Arcturians

  • Program Crystals for expanded communication into higher dimensions

  • Activation list of Arcturians Technologies to support your transformation

  • Learn about the Power of Allowing

Energy Healing Training
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