Yin Yoga and Sound Bath at Move Studio



Saturday 26th October: 6.00- 7.45pm

Address - Move Studio, Dane Place, London E3 5EJ

Kate Stewart Achemy Crystal Bowls

This event will begin with a one hour Yin Yoga practice to loosen the body, calm the mind and open the heart in preparation for the sound journey. You will then be bathed in the soothing tones of Kate’s crystal singing bowls for the remainder of the session. Kate’s Sound Baths provide a safe space for you to deeply relax and let go of what is no longer serving you. Each Alchemy Crystal bowl produces a unique sound which have a powerful ability to affect you in such a way that they restore your cells and every part of your body back to balance. Aligning your unique frequency, bringing you to a place of inner peace and harmony and emerge feeling relaxed, revived and replenished.

We hope to see you for this special offering

Tickets £25