Sound Healing Events

Below are our upcoming Sound Healing events that Kate and Yantara are running. Whether you are interested in a Sound Bath, a Yoga & Sound Therapy session, Full Moon event or a Sacred Healing Retreat, we have different experiences to suit everyone.

These events are suitable for all levels. They will help you discover ‘What is sound healing’, the benefits of sound healing, how sound healing works as well provide a deep dive into your own healing journey.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Mandrake Hotel

Sound bath in The MANDRAKe Hotel’s penthouse suite - london UK

Monday 21st October / Monday 4th November / Monday 16th December

Kate will take you on a journey inwards in an intimate private setting in the stunning Penthouse suite of The Mandrake Hotel in central London

Yoga and Sound Journey Souljourn Yoga and Sound Universe London

yoga & Sound gathering - london uk

24th October 2019

A 75-min class full of storytelling + immersive music led by Jordan Ashley + Sarah Malcolm of Souljourn Yoga followed savasana infused sound journey led by Kate.

Yin Yoga and Sound Journey at Move Studio

YIN Yoga and SOUND HEALING workshop at Move studio - LOndon, UK

26th October 2019

An evening of Yin Yoga practice with Jess to loosen the body, calm the mind and open the heart in preparation for the sound journey with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls led by Kate Stewart.


SOUND HEALING JOURNEY at pause Yoga Studio - London UK

Sunday 27th October

Join Kate for an evening of deep relaxation and surrender to the soothing sounds of the Alchemy Crystal bowls.


An evening of powerful Breathwork & Sound - Awaken your senses and create space for deep healing

Wednesday 6th November

Kate and Neil invite you to join them to a powerful night to connect to our higher selves. Using a combination of Breathwork and Sound Healing, they will provide a safe space for you to let go of what no longer serves you.

Yoga and Sound Healing Journey Alchemy Crystal Bowls

EMPOWERING yoga & sound workshop - London, UK

13th November 2019

Kate and Jordan invite you to explore what it means to be a yogini both on and off the yoga mat. This will be followed by a deep relaxation inner journey with the soothing sound of the Alchemy Crystal singing bowls.

Yantara Jiro Channelling Light Language Transmission

Living Your Highest Potential - Light Language transmissions Event

2nd December 2019

Yantara will be leading a meditation in which Light Language will be channelled. The Light Language transmissions will be unique for this group to nourish the soul, heal the heart so you can live your highest potential.

Energy Healing.jpg

FREE TALK: What is energy healing?

Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Yantara & Kate invite you to join this free 2hr talk in London where Yantara will share experiences of his journey into energy healing over the last 20 years. There will be time for tea and Q&A towards the end.

Stargate Activation Yantara Jiro Light Language

12:12:12 Stargate Activations - Full Moon event

12th December 2019

We invite you to co-create this sacred tribe and join us in this celebration with music, meditation, channelling, Light Language and dancing to the Stargate of 12:12:12

Let’s weave some magic together!




Yantara Jiro organises yearly transformational retreats to various sacred sites such as Japan, Mt. Shasta, Egypt, Bosnia, U.K and many more.

Sacred Tour Retreat.JPG

Sacred retreat for 2020 to be Announced Soon

Our sacred tour will include visits to sacred sites. Light Language transmissions, live sound healing concerts and more. Experience a heightened state of awareness and many insights on your personal spiritual journey.

Stay tuned for more info.


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