Private Sound Healing sessions with Kate Stewart

Kate is available for private sessions in London. Please contact us directly for session times and availability.

sound healing and reiki private session UK

Sound healing & reiki SESSIONs with Kate start from £75


Kate holds sessions in East London. In your own home/ studio is also an option (additional fee will be added for travel time).

Each session is tailored to the individuals needs. There is the option to receive a full sound healing session with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls, or the session can be combined with Reiki first followed by the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. This is down to each individuals personal preference and needs.

A typical session will start with a confidential chat about anything that might be going on at present which may help Kate to direct the healing. Intention setting of things you wish to release or bring into your life may be useful too. You then lie down and relax to receive the healing. Vibrational sound healing and Reiki can work with imbalances or blockages of the energy channels to help restore balance and ease within the body again.


A Sound Journey is a meditative acoustic experience created by the player with the intention of bringing the audience through sounds into an explorative inner world. Healing sounds cascade and interweave with each other to create an endless seamless soundscape soothing the body and relaxing the brain waves.

People often report seeing colours in their inner mind during the sound bath, while others have received insights, realisations or clarity over something that has been worrying them. Depending on the theme or intention of the sound journey, each persons experience is unique and a self-explanatory inner reflection. 


  • Reduction in stress and anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Creates deep relaxation

  • On the physical level, helps to relieve pain from migraine, arthritis, sciatica, chronic fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and insomnia

  • Helps bring about balance, inner peace and harmony

  • Reiki can accelerate the body's natural healing ability (for example after an operation)

  • Brings about a calmer and more peaceful state of being

  • Clears the mind and improves concentration

  • Balances the chakras and helps remove blockages


60min session

  • 1 session £85

  • 3 sessions £225 (£75 per session)

90min session

  • 1 session £120

  • 3 sessions £315 (£105 per session)

Corporate and private group sessions are available, please get in touch for more info.