Light Language Mantra Transmission Yantara Jiro

Event Details:

Monday 2nd December 2019: 7.00 - 9.00pm

Address - Farringdon EC1, exact address will be revealed after booking has been made.

How to get there - EC1

7 minutes walking distance from Farringdon Train Station

9 minutes walking distance Chancery Lane Underground Station

Tickets £88

Event description:

In this intimate evening gathering, Yantara Jiro, Visionary, Singer, Sound Healer and explorer of Sound and Consciousness will be offering a Light Language Transmission with the blessings of his Guides, Divine Masters, Star Beings and Saints.

Yantara will be leading a meditation in which Light Language will be channelled. The Light Language transmissions will be unique for this group to nourish the soul, heal the heart so you can live your highest potential. This unique transmission will assist in clearing out obstacles and anything that may challenge your path or any karmic interferences limiting the potential of your own personal growth.

Light Language Transmission Yantara Jiro

What is Light Language?

Light Language is a language of energy information, it is a cosmically channelled combination of sound frequencies into a variety of words and sounds that hold and transmit high frequency encodings of sound and light. Each seed syllable within Light Language has a specific resonance or vibration that integrates in your energetic field and shifts your DNA, that’s where healing occurs. Each seed syllable has its own corresponding Sacred Geometry or Light Code, light is vibration and it’s a way for us to integrate it into our body. 

It is a multidimensional language that speaks to your soul, allowing you to receive the feeling and knowing beyond words. It is not processed by the logical brain but rather utilises the intelligence of Quantum Source to pick out the information that resonates with your current state of being, to offer infinite possibilities. It is an invitation to feel beyond knowing and receive all the blessings and healing through the channelled messages from a higher consciousness. A person may receive insights on life directions during the transmission if desired. They will also often receive empowerment and blessings that ignite and activate personal potentials.