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Viewings last approximately 1.5 hours. We have a big range of bowls in different sizes, kinds, shapes and tones in our studio space in Hackney Wick.

You can browse through our collection and experience them first hand by playing and listening to them so you can discover the bowl or bowls that best resonate with you in your current path. Selecting a bowl is a very personal experience as each bowl is unique and different.

Our crystal bowls have been hand selected and are made with only the highest grade Quartz Crystal that is guaranteed to be 99.999% pure and infused with precious gemstones and minerals. Each bowl is one of a kind and has a specific energetic quality to it which you can learn more about in your 1-1 viewing with Kate.

If would you like to see our current selection of bowls please visit our website for more information.

Location: in person in Hackney Wick or online via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. 

If you would like to book a viewing with Kate please click below to book a time and date for your viewing session.