Event Details:

Thursday 12th December 2019: 7.00 - 10.00pm

Address - Centre 151, 151 Whiston Road, London, E2 8BL

How to get there - 

By Train

Centre 151 is directly between Haggerston overground station and Hoxton station.

To best locate them, they are on the corner of Whiston road and Queensbridge Road diagonally opposite the Acorn pub.

By Bus

Bus 394 stops very near Centre 151 and runs from Islington/Angel to Hackney/Homerton. 

Bus 149 and 242 can be accessed from London Bridge Tube Station and run to Centre 151.

Tickets £75

Yantara Jiro Crystal Singing Bowls UK

Event Description:

Join us in this festive celebration with music, meditations, channelling, Light Language and  dancing to the Stargate of 12:12:12!

You will experience:

- Transformative deep guided meditations

- Energy work to fine-tune your intuitions

- Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to raise your consciousness

- Light Language Transmissions for quantum leap transformations

- Communing with Star Beings such as the Arcturians, Pleiadians and Sirians

- Receive transmission coding’s for DNA repatterning

- Group Singing and Toning

- Channelled Messages

- and more!

We invite you to co-create this sacred tribe and share this amazing love and light energies with many others. Let’s weave some magic together! 

Yantara Jiro will be presenting and speaking about the powers of Stargates, light bodies, the effects upon our chakras, the 'downloads' of information from the Universe and how they DIRECTLY affect our realities and in what way can we utilise them to create new realities every day!

Since 2008, Yantara Jiro has been leading sacred retreats at powerful vortexes (Power Spots), we will be gathering in early December leading up to 12:12 (12 December) for the opening of this Stargate. The purpose of conscious gathering on this day is not an isolated one but rather a worldwide event! The 12th December 2019 is an exceptional day as it adds up to 12:12:12! During this time, spiritual forces line up from the many Suns of various solar systems in the Milky Way and other Galaxies, through Quantum Entanglement (Resonance and Connectiveness) transmitting powerful signals that communicates with our spiritual antennas (Pineal & Pituitary glands) and energy centres (Chakras). The results are positive and plenty, some of which are heightening states of consciousness, breakthrough of old habits, awakening of spiritual powers, gaining clarity of life paths and transcending towards new realities.

“When all sacred monuments are unearthed, tuned and sung by the new light beings of this planet…The Earth Song shall once again emerge, through the heavens everyone shall hear the celestial musical spheres and its chorus across all lands…The Holographic Grid of this planet and all living consciousness shall stand tall and bright, liken to a brilliant column of infinite light blazing magnificently like a sun performing the greatest of the great ~ The Earth Song of the Golden Age. 

 ~ Hermes Trismegistus through Yantara Jiro

DNA Activation Light Language Transmission

What is Light Language?

Light Language is a language of energy information, it is a cosmically channelled combination of sound frequencies into a variety of words and sounds that hold and transmit high frequency encodings of sound and light. Each seed syllable within Light Language has a specific resonance or vibration that integrates in your energetic field and shifts your DNA, that’s where healing occurs. Each seed syllable has its own corresponding Sacred Geometry or Light Code, light is vibration and it’s a way for us to integrate it into our body. 

It is a multidimensional language that speaks to your soul, allowing you to receive the feeling and knowing beyond words. It is not processed by the logical brain but rather utilises the intelligence of Quantum Source to pick out the information that resonates with your current state of being, to offer infinite possibilities. It is an invitation to feel beyond knowing and receive all the blessings and healing through the channelled messages from a higher consciousness. A person may receive insights on life directions during the transmission if desired. They will also often receive empowerment and blessings that ignite and activate personal potentials.